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FOX News
Nov 12, 2013 2:00pm PST
, they are saying oh, it is the website. in massachusetts it started slow also. it has nothing do with that. that's just the first one. we used the analogy. stripper with the cold sore. eventually the cold sore goes away. she is still the stripper. you are ending up with obama care and when they get beyond the website we realize what obama care is, the enrollment numbers aren't going to come anywhere near where they expect it to be or what they want it to be, then they will realize they have nothing to run on. my suggestion wouldn't be to delay as -- look, let's get this thing over with. >> so far is the increase in medicaid and states where the republicans haven't screwed around with it. >> how is that successful? all have you done is put more people on and no people enrolling to pay for the people. >> because if we had a single payer plan, everybody could be covered. >> my solution is call it socialism. obama needs to pivot. he loves to pivot. he pivots more than bolshoi. carbon emissions some how interfered with the website launch and they should start thinking about replacing computers with s
FOX News
Nov 27, 2013 2:00pm PST
for pre-black friday deals. andrea, calm down. in states like rhode island, maine and massachusetts, people will not be able to shop tomorrow. those states have blue laws which prohibit department stores and large supermarkets from opening on thanksgiving. should more states be doing that? or should those states be ashamed themselves? andrea? >> you could not pay me enough to go shopping tomorrow. whatsoever. >> so you salute those states and say you can't shop? >> i think businesses should be allowed to open. >> you do. >> if they want to open. the daughter of a small business owner, i made tips. they may not have family to go to. we served a lot of lonely people at the restaurant. but look, if the states want to do it, it's states' rights. they can do it. >> who's right? maine? rhode island? or massachusetts? >> who cares? i'm online shopping. >> you're online. >> but here's the thing. i do appreciate the fact that in order to be competitive, they should allow, you know, to be open because if there's people like me shopping online with my little ipad, with my little shopping fanta
FOX News
Nov 13, 2013 1:00am PST
may face a challenge in the primaries. they are talking about elizabeth warren out of massachusetts as the potential recipient of liberal money to take the challenge. is there a chance? >> i think the liberal left is looking for a prospect. it is republicans that should be excited about it. the biggest fear on the right is that it is a karn nation with hillary clinton. they will battle it out like last time around and she gets to be anointed. if she has a primary challenge it will force hillary clinton to run to the left. >> given the fact that the first three states in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina two of which haare very strong in e it is of socialish oo yous, aren't the republicans going to force -- if chris christie runs won't he be forced to the right? >> we need to point out there was a new poll out that had christie against hillary clinton. i p can't image chris christie would be the choice here. i can't image they would run any one against hillary clinton. the lead said liberal leaders, why would liberal leaders want to mess with that or say look they thought about
FOX News
Nov 6, 2013 1:00am PST
in massachusetts we saved people's lives. >> i am talking about the greater good. i understand there is suffering. if there is any way that i can personallial alleviate it i will. i give beaucoup money to organizations to try to help. a law is being mandated imposed on a population clear, number one and functional, number two. and neither of those things are happening, doctor. >> but bill tough remember this law is not affecting the vast majority of the population. that's what's getting lost is the fact that the vast majority of americans who get insurance from their employer or government are not affected by this. >> you don't know that. the law is only 6 weeks old. we don't know that yet. but the suffering being caused by the law is much more intense than the help it is going to give. you and i have a gentlemen's disagreement. that's just what we have. now, 400,000 dollars tax payer money given to you. you earned it. i am sure that you spent a lot of time on this. but now you are being criticized for it. so i was technical consultant to the department of health and human services. basically i h
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4